The New Year Will Be Better

I know this past year has not been easy,maybe when the year started you thought this year you must catch a break but the truth is nothing seems to be different from the past years.The pressure is building up ,the voices in your head are buzzing up ,you are still stuck in your ducks and …


Dripping in Ankara Finesse

Chebet Makena

Hi my loves!

Today’s is a different kind of post, but shall we get soaked
in the beauty of African print attires?

I love how Africans (or Kenyans) identify with Ankara,especially when they’re abroad. Best example would be the first lady of Kenya Mrs.Margaret Kenyatta. Her clad when she’s visiting other countries almost always have a touch of Ankara.

My mum tells me, people literally stop her to touch or ask about her Ankara dresses, this is weird, but it means they admire! 

If I was to live abroad, I’d have a stash of clothes with a
touch of Ankara.

I’m not sure about ready-made pieces, but I like mine customized; this involves getting the fabric and designs.

Where do I get Ankara fabric?

I buy my fabric from Eastleigh, Nairobi. I like going there because there’s an array of shops selling Ankara fabric, at an affordable price and it…

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  Here we go again.The season of telling stories and starting conversations through fashion is about to Kick off.If you are in Kenya ,it is time you mark your calendars for the biggest fashion show event of the year that will be ha.The JW SHOW 2018,is definitely an event not to be missed. The JW …

My Story

Depression sucks. You don’t know what’s coming. It’s a Roller-coaster but how far will I drop? Will I be able to handle it like a mature adult or will I yell and scream. I hope not .There is no two ways around it. It has brought me some of the worst moments. There are times …

Salvation Season 2 Episode 6 Recap : LET THE CHIPS FALL

The way things can really turn on dime really swift on Salvation is something we never see coming but it constantly there on our screens with a flip. The season started with Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) being appointed as the Vice President .During the last episode, Let the Chips Fall he envisages turning his resignation. …

Chicago PD

  Yes, I’m still on Chicago PD, this series is just damn too good to pass up! I would not lie, I bet you can miss a couple of shifts at work just to re watch Chicago PD .It is the only series that I do not have a favorite episode because all episodes are …